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Facing Retail or Hospitality Redundancy? The Five Things You Must Do Now to Help Secure a New Role

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​As the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme comes to an end, many employees in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector are facing the reality of potential redundancy after furlough.

Across the U.K., thousands of people are facing redundancy - with many roles being lost in retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors.

Potential redundancy and the uncertainty of looking for a new role with Christmas around the corner can be one of the most stressful times we will go through, but you don’t have to face it alone.

So today, I want to share with candidates who are struggling during this time advice on the proactive things you can start doing today to put yourself in the best position possible to secure yourself a new role.

1.     Back to Basics – Your CV

For many individuals applying for a new role right now, it is the first time in some while.

You might be rusty in your interview skills, you aren’t sure what your next steps should be, your confidence is flat, and most importantly, your CV hasn’t been updated some time.

So, spend some time with your recruiter to bring your CV up to date, and tailor it to the kind of roles you’re looking for now.

You might have earned some extra awards or accolades in your most recent role, or have some data-backed achievements you want to share, such as helping increase sales in your previous job. Using percentages or hard data where you can, does make an impact.

Here is something aligned with your CV that can make an impact; a cover letter.

Some individuals think the concept of a cover letter is outdated, but the truth is that in the current climate, it’s one of your most valuable tools for securing a new role. Your cover letter and CV should work together to make the hiring manager for the role you’re applying for, see you as an invaluable candidate.

2.     Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Sometimes referred to as your ‘digital CV’, updating your LinkedIn profile should be the next step after updating your CV in accordance with what you are looking for right now.

Recent data shows that 70% of hiring managers look on social media to scope out a candidate – what will they find when they search for you? A half-finished profile or your most recent position being out of date can make it look like you aren’t fully committed to your new job search, or make it look as though you aren’t interested in showing the world how great you are.

Having a polished looking LinkedIn profile working alongside your CV is a great way to increase your job prospects right now.

3.     Thinking Outside the Box

Many job seekers fall into the trap of applying for the same kind of roles in the same areas that they’re familiar with.

Of course, if you’ve got family ties or if you need to be in a certain area for a specific reason, your job search will be limited.

But for job seekers who are not tied geographically to any one location, looking further afield could be the key to landing a great new role.

If you can relocate – you must mention this straight away to your specialist recruiter and on your CV or cover letter. You would be amazed at how many people are willing to work in different parts of the country and then fail to mention it in their CV or cover letter.

4.     Consider Your Full Potential

Another often missed idea when applying for a new role is to think of yourself holistically, rather than just the skills and knowledge you have gained from your previous roles.

You will have hobbies and interests outside of your job – these can be a vital tool when looking for a new role.

If you are a retail manager who has only worked in food retail, but you are an avid cyclist or have an interest in fashion, use these to your advantage.

Your cross-over knowledge from other areas of your life can lead to a new job – employers are increasingly looking for soft and transferrable skills and knowledge, rather than just experience in one area.

Turning your passion into your next role; speak to your recruiter about roles they have which you are a good match you for based on your hobbies and interests, as well as your experience.

5.     Work with a Recruiter

Your recruiter will be able to help you, not just to secure an interview, but one-on-one to prepare for it.

Searching for a new role, applying and going through the interview process can be daunting for anyone, no matter how much experience you’ve got.

In the current market, there is an increased number of candidates applying for each vacancy; standing out is essential if you want to secure a new role.

At C2 Recruitment, we will provide you with everything you need to know to be able to enter into the interview with total confidence. Our honesty, integrity and down to earth approach are what sets us apart from other recruiters.

If you need an honest conversation with a recruiter who cares about finding you your next role – talk to us today.

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