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A Hiring Managers Guide to Standing Out in Today's Market

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Revamping Recruitment: A Hiring Managers Guide to Standing Out in Today's Market

In the whirlwind of modern recruitment, from endless applications to dashed hopes at the offer stage, it often seems like a race to the bottom. Now, more than ever, it's crucial for employers to re-evaluate their recruitment strategies and discover innovative ways to attract top talent. Step into the shoes of a job seeker, and you'll quickly realise the immediate need to make your processes shine.

Trawling through social media feeds today, it's evident how challenging the job market has become for job seekers. I regularly get feedback from candidates who apply to countless positions without even a single response or endure cumbersome applications that require duplicating CV information. Candidates investing hours in interviews, only to receive generic rejection notices or insulting low salary offers upon reaching the final stage. Sadly, these tales are happening more and more leaving job seekers frustrated and fatigued, while companies struggle to fill roles efficiently. It's a lose-lose scenario and its giving hiring managers a bad name.

Fortunately, in my discussions with hiring managers and HR professionals, there is now a will to do better. However, poor people practices, outdated technology, and overwhelming workloads have hindered progress. The good news? With a few strategic adjustments, you can transform your recruitment process into one that's more humane, engaging, and authentic for prospective team members.

Here are some pointers to make immediate improvements:


  1. Write a good Job Advert: This is basic, yet I am still amazed at how poor some job adverts are. Your job advert reflects you and your company so it’s important to do it right. Your job advert should be easy to read and be optimised for maximum exposure.

  2. Disclose Salary Information: Don't keep candidates in the dark about compensation. Clearly state salary ranges, including commissions, bonuses, and equity, if applicable. Transparency fosters trust and sets the stage for productive salary discussions later on.

  3. Streamline Applications: Simplify your application process. Eliminate unnecessary steps and redundant data entry. Remember, your application experience reflects your employer brand; make it seamless and respectful of candidates' time.

  4. Minimise Bias Questions: Weed out questions that could introduce bias into your hiring process. Focus on conversations directly relevant to the job requirements or necessary for compliance purposes.

  5. Acknowledge Every Application: Respect candidates' efforts by providing timely feedback, even for unsuccessful applicants. Investing a minute to inform them of their status goes a long way in preserving your brand reputation.

  6. Speed Up the Process: Aim to move swiftly from screening to offer stage, ideally within three weeks. Clearly outline each recruitment stage and promptly communicate decisions to candidates. A swift process signals respect for candidates' time and enhances offer acceptance rates.

  7. Offer Constructive Feedback: Don't underestimate the power of feedback, even for unsuccessful candidates. It's a valuable tool for personal and professional growth, and it helps refine your decision-making process.

  8. Start with Your Best Offer: Embrace the practice of presenting your best offer upfront. By starting negotiations at the highest possible level, you streamline the process and create a positive impression from the outset.

These tips are just the beginning. Whether you're starting from scratch or seeking ways to refine your existing processes, implementing these strategies will help set you apart in today's competitive recruitment landscape.

C2 Recruitment offer support and advice on all of the above and we even provide coaching and training services to support your existing recruitment processes and procedures. If you would like to find out more on how we can support your hiring teams then call us on 01743 770280 or fill in our ‘Contact Us’ form.