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Video interviewing: what are the benefits?


Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as part of the hiring process for many businesses. They are especially useful during the initial stages of screening candidates, saving valuable time and resources and streamlining your hiring process. Here is a look at some key reasons you should be using video interviews:


1. More efficient use of time.

When you’re trying to bring candidates in for face-to-face interviews, you can end up going back and forth for days, or even weeks, trying to find a time that’s convenient for everyone. This can lead to lots of wasted time.

Video interviews relieve much of the headache associated with this aspect of the hiring process, as it allows the candidate to answer questions when it’s convenient for them. Then the hiring manager and their team can watch these responses and then decide who to meet face to face.


2. Compare Candidates.

After implementing video interviews into their hiring process, managers can take a look at their top performers and see if their video responses had anything in common.

What did they talk about when they gave their replies to similar questions? What was their body language like? Where did they choose to record their interview?

From there, they can look for commonalities that may help them choose strong candidates in the future. Being able to look back at particularly successful employees and compare that to the video screens of prospective candidates is a valuable and far more efficient performance tracking resource than old notes, compiled from the perspectives of many hiring personnel.


3. Get more insight before making big decisions.

Those tasked with hiring quickly become aware of the cost associated with doing so, particularly when you’re working with long-distance talent. If you want to bring these professionals in for an interview, you may need to fly them in, pay for meals and hotel rooms. Businesses that utilise video interviewing technology eliminate the high price point often associated with early recruiting.


4. Invest time and effort into the best candidates.

When you’re blocking out an hour for each and every potential new hire, your process becomes extremely time-consuming. This is especially true when a large majority of these people just don’t have the qualifications necessary to be a good fit.

Instead of wasting your time talking to people who aren’t even close to what you’re looking for, use video interviewing software to quickly sort through and decide who’s a yes, who’s a no, and who’s a maybe.


5. Enable after-hours interviewing.

Many job seekers struggle to find a new career opportunity when they’re already employed because making time during the workday to head out on a job interview is a challenge, not to mention taboo. They may feel like they have to lie to their employer — faking illness, doctor appointments, or client meetings to get to an interview.  

Video interviewing makes it much easier to pursue new jobs since the professional can record their responses after hours or on the weekends instead of having to take time away from their current employment to have a discussion about future work.


C2 Recruitment Launch Talent-View Technology


C2 Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Recruitment are proud to announce we have just launched our premium Video Interviewing Selection Tool to clients that work with us on an exclusive basis. C2 Talent-View technology saves you considerable time by showcasing the very best candidates in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure market.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked the 3-5 questions most important to you and then their responses will be sent to you in the form of a video interview along with their CV. This leaves you to select the candidates you would like to meet face to face, effectively skipping a stage in your interview process.


Talent-View Benefits include:

  • Reduced time to hire

  • Spend less time interviewing candidates that aren't right

  • Better insight into candidates personality and culture fit 

  • Only interview candidates face to face who are right for the job

  • Better quality candidates at the first stage face to face interview

  • View shortlisted candidates by 'one click' of a simple link via your PC, tablet or mobile 

  • Identify 'ideal' candidates earlier to prevent losing them to competitors

  • Improve staff retention within your company

  • No additional cost!


Key stats:

  • 70% of candidates that take a video interview get placed!

  • 19 days is the average time saved during the process!

  • 98% of clients said viewing a video shortlist was their preferred way of reviewing candidates!


To find out more about our premium "Talent-View" Candidate Selection Tool and how you can streamline your hiring processes, please call 01743 770280 and speak to our Retail, Hospitality or Leisure team today.