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The 5 (Standout) Attributes to Look for in Your Next Hospitality Hires

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​Hiring your next hospitality employees in needs careful consideration.

Since the pandemic, the hospitality organisations that are still thriving will need a certain level of employee to help grow the organisation, given the challenges that lie ahead.

Hospitality companies must continue to employ the ‘right’ kind of staff to keep ahead of the curve.

Currently, hospitality organisations are not struggling to attract applicants; however, the key is to find the hospitality candidates who will add real value to your business and help your organisation to grow in our new world.

One of the great things about the hospitality industry is that there are transferrable skills which candidates can bring from many other sectors which enable them to thrive. Of course, extensive experience in hospitality is beneficial, but there are other qualities to look out for which signal a great candidate.

So, let’s take a look at the five standout qualities that, in our experience, make a top hospitality hire now.

1.     They Love to Say ‘Yes’

There is a lot to be said about being a ‘yes man’ (or woman!) in hospitality. One of the primary reasons that keep customers coming back again and again to your establishment is customer service.

But excellent customer service is about much more than just a friendly smile and fast service. One of the markers of a great hospitality candidate is their understanding of how important it is to tell customers ‘yes’ as often as they can.

A customer wants to customise or change their order? (even if it means starting the order over) The answer should always be ‘yes’.

The floor is busy, and someone asks them for an extra baby seat. They know it will take at least five minutes to fetch one from the storeroom – it should be ‘no trouble at all’.

Saying yes to every customer who needs them to go above and beyond what is usually expected of them in their role is an invaluable attribute to possess – so make sure you touch upon this in the interview. Ask your candidate to describe several examples of when they went over and above their expected duties, to gauge if they are the kind of person who approaches every challenge with a can-do attitude.

2.     They Can Talk to Anyone

If you look at the top-rated reviews of restaurants, cafes and eateries, they all have the same thing as standard – excellent service that comes from a natural rapport that some servers seem to possess.

The ability to read a customer, a single diner or a group, and serve them according to both their needs and the vibe of the situation, is a valuable skill.Your employees should be able to make everyone feel welcome, from a group of colleagues out for a business lunch to an elderly couple having coffee and cake.

3.     They Can Step Up (When Needed)

On the busy floor of an eating establishment, knowing when to pick up the pace, look out for the rest of the team and even step up to take on ‘higher’ duties that are not generally in their job description is a huge bonus.

Asking a question during the interview to reveal if and when the candidate has stepped up to perform supervisory duties is a great way to find out how comfortable they are doing this.

It can be something as simple as dealing with a demanding customer in the absence of a team leader because they felt confident enough to do so.

Realising when a different pace or level of service is needed is just one part of being an empathetic individual – let’s take a closer look at why this skill is so critical in hospitality.

4.     They Are Empathetic

Empathy is essential in hospitality, and a little of it can go a long way.

Empathetic employees pull the team together in difficult times – a team who do not look out for each other will crumble as soon as things get hectic. Empathy also allows employees to realise and react when a colleague needs a little extra help, and it makes them more attentive to customer needs.

To be on the lookout for high levels of empathy in your candidate, look at the way they greet everyone they meet in the hiring process – do they smile and seem genuinely interested in everyone?

You can also ask about their experience with handling emotionally sensitive issues, such as having to deal with an upset customer or co-worker. Likewise, a lack of empathy can be detected by candidates referring only to themselves and not their team when they answer questions.

5.     They’ve Got a Great Sense of Humour

Finally – a great sense of humour is a must in this industry! Hospitality can be difficult but is also incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun.

The candidates we work with tell us how much they love what they do – every day is different, you get to work with a range of different people, different personalities and mingle with the general public.

To be able to keep going when things get tough, employees need to be able to look on the bright side, not take it personally when little things go wrong and keep smiling along the way!

And Finally…

Are you currently on the lookout for the kind of employees I’ve outlined here?

If you are, then here at C2 Recruitment, we can help.

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