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An Alternative Approach to Finding a New Retail or Hospitality Role

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​The unexpected shock of the pandemic was enough to cause a massive shake-up across most sectors.

It has also caused a lot of people to emerge from their comfort zones, both in their professional and personal lives.

People across the U.K. and indeed, the world, have been taking a long look at what is really important for them since the pandemic, and many people have made significant changes to their lives.

Some have moved to be closer to their families, others have drastically changed the way they socialise and spend their free time, and of course, even more, have used this time to think about the future of their careers.

The retail and hospitality sectors are two which have experienced the biggest shake-up in terms of jobs and uncertainty.

And yet, despite the gloomy headlines that we tend to see – there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Today's guide is all about how you can adopt a different approach if you are job-seeking now in our post-pandemic world.

Retail and Hospitality Jobs – the Real Picture

Despite suffering during the lockdown, the picture in our sector, particularly in retail is showing a growth which was better than expected – in September, U.K. retailers reported their strongest growth since 2009.

As we approach Christmas, both high-street and online retailers are expecting to get back to pre-lockdown levels, with many businesses doing even better in this post-lockdown period.

Food retailers, clothing retailers, home entertainments, plus any businesses with a strong online presence and businesses who can pivot and provide for what people are looking for in our new remote world are all thriving – and this is where the opportunities are.

Thinking Outside the Box

So when it comes to finding a new retail or hospitality role and you feel daunted by the prospect – where can you start?

Something that we have been focusing on with candidates recently is getting them to think outside the box when it comes to deciding on a new career direction.

This can happen in two ways -

  • By branching out and going for a different role within the same sector

  • Or by using your personal interests to look for a role within a new sector.

Applying for roles in an area that you have little to no previous experience in can actually be a smart career move – as long as you've got a personal interest or history within the sector.

For example, despite a surge in retail jobs, there are some sectors of hospitality which are expected to take longer to recover. So if you're a hospitality manager now looking for a new role, think about your interests, hobbies and previous experience which could help secure you a new role now.

Are you a fitness fan who could flex your knowledge in a sports retail management role?

Are you an avid reader who would do well in a retail arena specialising in books and literature?

Additionally, it might be time to make the most of your skills and abilities that you gained in employment from years ago that you have considered to be less relevant in your recent roles. Was your first job in retail? What kind of retail training have you received throughout your career?

Now is the time to make the most of all of your historical skills and abilities and your interests to help you stand out when you're applying for new roles.

How a Recruiter Can Help

Deciding on a new role in a new sector is a big life change, and it's not something that many people will go through - for this reason, it can be a confusing and daunting time.

And additionally, if the reason that you are looking for a new role or a new career is that your previous position was made redundant – this will only add to the pressure. Being made redundant is classed as one of the most stressful life events a person can go through, even above moving house or getting a divorce.

When this happens to you – you need the help of the experts.

That's where we come in.

AtC2 Recruitment, we are the experts at finding retail and hospitality employees their new role, and we can do this in many ways -

  • We have an extensive network with longstanding contacts from which we can often find you a role straight away which align with your career goals and your values

  • We will help you think 'outside the box' and can provide expert careers advice – after a conversation with us, you will be filled with new potential and ideas about the future of your career

  • Not only this – we can arrange the interviews for you to take your first steps into your new career; finding you a new retail, hospitality or leisure role that suits is the ultimate goal we aim for

  • We provide all of this for free – get in touch with us today to find out more about our free expert recruitment service

Next Steps

If you need to have a conversation with a retail and hospitality career expert and find out more about current opportunities – get in touch with us today.

Call us on 01743 770280 or click here to send us an email with the details of your current situation and what you are looking for from your retail or hospitality career.

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