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Benefits of a specialist recruiter

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Benefits of a specialist recruiter

The benefits of a specialist recruiter are many.

At C2 Recruitment, we have a proven track record for sourcing top industry talent for leading brands across the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Our finely tuned systems enable us to give clients absolute flexibility in structuring their agreement, and we’re adept at delivering hiring solutions on any scale in a timely and cost-effective way. 

Why use a specialist recruiter like C2 Recruitment?

Walk through any large retail, leisure or hospitality venue, and you’re likely to see staff we’ve recruited hard at work adding value for employers.

We are uniquely well established within the recruitment landscape across these sectors. Through our advanced understanding of the particular requirements of these industries, we’re able to identify talent and adapt our processes to suit your precise needs.

The type of client we partner with typically includes:





Gyms/leisure centres

Restaurant chains

Fashion retailers

Fitness brands

Hotel chains

E-commerce retailers

Entertainment venues

Corporate hospitality venues

Shopping centres



All our recruiters understand the mind-set of clients and candidates alike, helping us work efficiently and proactively address any concerns.

We require every member of our recruitment team to have years of experience within their specialist field.

Not only does this enable us to adopt a tailored approach to your requirement, this gives us a host of trusted connections within the industry that increase the efficiency and quality of each hire.

10 reasons to use C2 Recruitment

  1. We employ a small boutique team of recruiters who all come from the industries they now recruit for
  2. Our client-led approach means you tell us your desired outcome, and we design the process with you to ensure we become an extension of your brand
  3. Our high levels of candidate management ensure industry leading acceptance rates and a positive candidate experience
  4. We headhunt all roles and leave no stone unturned in our aim to fill 100% of our clients’ vacancies
  5. We’re experts in assessing cultural and behavioural fit as well as work experience and background
  6. Our candidate screening and interview process is so thorough it delivers consistent success ratios of 3 CVs to every hire
  7. Our efficient process is focused on representing your brand accurately, professionally and with a passion that inspires candidates to want to work for you
  8. We won't stop searching until we find your perfect candidate
  9. Our industry connections have yielded a strong pool of candidates with whom we are in regular contact
  10. We offer bespoke, flexible packages and are happy to discuss contingency or exclusive agreements

Discover all the benefits of working with a specialist recruiter by speaking with our expert team. Call us on 01742 770 280 today.