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Retail Recruitment & Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day and Retail Recruitment - things in common

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Valentine’s Day – What do Dating and Retail Recruitment have in common?

As experienced Retail Recruitment specialists, when it came to thinking about Valentine’s Day we realised that Recruitment and Dating actually have a lot in common!

Both recruitment and dating involve the search for ‘the one’ – be it the ultimate candidate for a company’s vacant position or the partner of your dreams.  Both involve a process of evaluation: in recruitment this is usually at least one interview, whereas romantically it’s at least the first date and usually a few more!

It seems like we can learn a lot about retail recruitment from Valentine’s Day. If you’re a candidate looking for the job of your dreams - be it an Area Manager job, a Store Manager opportunity or a behind the scenes e-commerce role, we’ve come up with a few “dating” tips to help convince an employer that you really are ‘the one’.

Polish up your profiles

With over half of single people in the UK using a dating site to find a partner, people looking for romance are used to setting up an online profile for themselves and in essence putting together a dating CV. Would-be daters spend time taking and selecting their most flattering photos and drawing attention to their best qualities. These are all useful lessons that can be applied to retail recruitment. It pays to ensure that all of your profiles - your CV, your LinkedIn page and even your Facebook profile - are employer-friendly and show recruiters your best side.

First Impressions Count

When you go on a first date you’ll be keen to make a good first impression. You’ll no doubt give careful thought to picking out the right outfit. You’ll be trying to convey the best impression of yourself - engaging, friendly, chatty but at the same time someone who’s a good listener. The same applies for a job interview as first impressions do count! Remember to dress appropriately, make sure you arrive on time and try your best to make some kind of connection with your potential employer.

It’s all about the Chemistry

You might have seen someone online who looks like the perfect match – on paper. You meet up with them, keen to get to know more about this discerning, charming, witty, person.  Whilst they might well be everything they claimed to be online, for some reason there’s just no ‘spark’. Conversely you might agree, a little reluctantly, to meet up with someone who doesn’t really tick all your boxes but, when you meet them in person, you find yourself really falling for them. The same thing can happen in recruitment – you might tick every box with regards to qualifications and past experience, but another candidate who doesn’t look as strong on paper might just pip you to the post.  It’s not just a question of whether you can do the job – your personality has to fit too.

Don’t Rush Into It

Generally we don’t make a full blown commitment to a relationship after just one date. Similarly there’s no need to rush into an immediate decision about accepting a job offer.  Remember that whilst no-one likes to be kept hanging on, either in a work or a romantic situation, it’s OK to go home and think about your options overnight or over a weekend before giving your final decision.


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