C2 Recruitment - Grant Bevan



Grant Bevan

Senior Recruitment Consultant

I joined C2 because I could see a fantastic team that were passionate about delivering the highest quality client services, making great use of their experience within the sectors they recruit in. Prior to C2 I had a successful career with Toys R Us for 6 years, working my way up from a Temporary Sales Assistant to General Store Manager. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a Manager was finding great people for my store and watching them grow professionally, so it made perfect sense to take that passion and do it as a full time career!

C2 Recruitment has a fantastic culture. Not only does it allow you to really focus on giving great service, it creates a fun, upbeat environment to do it in. I’m really excited about the prospect of helping businesses and candidates find the right fit.

I LOVE SKIING, if I could ski 24/7 I would. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I also enjoy playing Hockey and do dabble in Golf and Tennis on occasion.